For traveller

For traveller

Enrich the value of travel, notice +α

Traveling outside of your daily life brings you the experience of meeting people who are different from usual and seeing things that are completely different from your own.It’s a good opportunity to re-grasp your point of view.
My itinerary focuses on the benefits of such travel, and is a service that supports the process of making travelers more aware from their own point of view by accompanying them from before they leave the journey until after they have returned.

There’s been a sense of stagnation lately.
I want to make my usual journey deeper
I want to understand my current situation and feelings in a language.
I want an opportunity to overcome one wall
I want to re-examine what I care about and my sensibilities.

I don’t usually care about it, but I sometimes feel this way at the moment – My itinerary is a service for that kind of direction.

Benefits of Using My itinerary

  • Get help to look at your current situation and review it.
  • You can consciously keep a record of your trip.
  • To deepen your understanding of your point of view, such as what you value and what you are particular about
  • Get support from professional and travel practitioners in facilitation and travel
  • By having a media called itinerary, you can go to the place you want to go and meet people in the form of “coverage”
  • You can participate in exchanges between people who are related to itinerary, such as past My itinerary users, itinerary readers, and other parties involved.

My itinerary flow

Before departure

(1) Pre-trip sessions

We will help you to understand what kind of situation you are in and how you feel while asking for your profile.(Profiling) To ask about this trip together, and encourage yourself to know what you are looking for and how you are going to start.(Mindset)
(Approximate time required: 1 hour)

*The results of the pre-trip session will be summarized in the feedback sheet and given to you after the session.

(2) Recording of pre-travel perspectives

Based on the results of the pre-trip session, you will be asked to record where and why you are going, how you feel, and how you are going to see your self-recorded pre-trip perspective.

After departure

(3) Records during the journey

While keeping the purpose of the trip in the corner of your head, don’t be too caught up in it, and leave yourself to the flow of the place, and enjoy the coincidence unique to the trip.
Rather than accurate information and objective facts about the places you have been, the people you meet, and the contentyou have experienced, you will be asked to keep a record of what you felt at that time and how you felt and how you felt, so that you can call it back later.(If you want, you can leave a note or take more photos to make it easier to look back.))

*We will create and give you a business card as a itinerary traveler so that it is easy to explain what you have come to visit or meet while you are traveling.(There is also an overview of itinerary on the back side.))

After returning home

(4) Post-trip sessions

We start ed by asking our thoughts on the trip, and we look back on what we felt when we actually visited them and what we had noticed.Reviews: Check your own perspectives, change of heart, and how you feel now after your trip.(Check out)
(Approximate time required: 1 hour)

*As with pre-trip sessions, the results of the post-trip sessions will be summarized in the feedback sheet and given to you after the session ends.

(5) Making records of viewpoints during and after travel

Based on the clues you recorded during your trip and the results of your post-trip sessions, you will be asked to record your own perspectives during and after your trip.Please put emphasis on your feelings.Let’s write your own essay, not a travel guide.

(6) Posting on Itinerary

I will publish the record of the trip before, travel, and after the trip to itinerary that i had you create.

*After the itinerary publication, we may ask you to report at the event for the itinerary reader.
*The record which was published will be published as a zine together, such as one year’s worth.
*My itinerary users or itinerary readers will meet and interact directly with each other on an irregular basis.

My itinerary fee

15000 Yen

*Includes two sessions, 2 feedback sheets, business cards, itinerary listings

User’s Voice

  • It is very good to make it into a language, to make it to the character, to settle my idea, and to remain in the record.(Female in her 20s)
  • By trying to write itinerary, I was able to look back on my current position.(Woman in her 40s)
  • I think it would be good if more and more people would travel from a new perspective, gain new awareness, and feel that their emotions have become richer and more interesting as their thoughts intersect.(Female in her 20s)

Examples of past users’ articles


A Trip to Meet – Hoku
to City, Yamanashi Prefecture

A Trip to Meet – Hoku
to City, Yamanashi Prefecture

After experiencing backpacking, Aiko-san, who now likes to travel to meet people, went to Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture.A friend who was a share mate …



Extraordinary surrounded
by butterflies – Cairns, Australia

Extraordinary surrounded
by butterflies – Cairns, Australia


For some reason, Kuwabara says he has always liked butterflies.I visited to hear that there is the largest butterfly museum in the southern hemisphere in Australia which often goes recently …

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