Impressions of the unreadable city –
Yabu City, Hyogo Prefecture

Impressions of the unreadable city –
Yabu City, Hyogo Prefecture

“I think there are more interesting things that I don’t know”, “I want to enjoy everything”, the fun mist Nishimura-san went to Hyogo Prefecture’s yosei-shi, which is involved in the community development after a friend emigrated.

To begin with, the city of Yabu, which cannot be read by name, is a blank area which is quite unknown for Mr. Nishimura.However, he visited the site and discovered a new way of enjoying new experiences, including chance encounters, which are different from meeting people who love their hometown and enjoy life unique to their adoptive father, learning and learning, and increasing their knowledge.

What kind of place do you want to go to The City of Yosei, an unreadable city that has helped you discover a new way of enjoying yourself, waiting for the time to experience it in a natural way?

Where i traveled

Yabu-shi, Hyogo Prefecture.A city that spreads to the basin of the mountain in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture.It is designated as a national strategic special zone as a reform base for mountainous agriculture.Specialties such as sansho.Moreover, the name was put as the tip ground of the sericulture in old times, and it was a source of the technology transfer to other regions of Japan such as Tomioka.It takes two hours from Kyoto Station to Yaga Station by the Sanin Main Line Express.


Takuya Nishimura.My favorite thing is to create a place where people can gather.He retired from the telecommunications company where he worked for 10 years and is currently preparing to open a guest house.At one point, I participated in the city of Shiodome, and at other times I curated lectures at Free University, made coffee at Hub Tokyo, and jumped around to see if there were any interesting things I didn't know yet. I want to open a guest house where I will be my base soon.


Yabu Partners Co., Ltd.

Kaiko-sato Exchange Facility

Road Station or Tajimakura


Nishimura Farm