For companies and government

For companies and government

Itinerary is a lounge where different perspectives intersect.
Around the media My itinerary, which spells out travel by the subjectivity of the travelers, people with various backgrounds gather, exchange their own perspectives, and each Going on a journey – we aim for a space like a guest house lounge between such trips.

Rather than objective information that is not unique, i think that it is possible to deliver to the reader the value that can be conveyed because it is a sense of life and that it is noticed because it comes with the background of the person only.

For local governments and businesses who want to introduce themselves to the local community from a different perspective from both local and PR professionals, itinerary/aittenary provides the following support.
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Tie-up feature page production

A special page will be set up in itinerary/itenery and a series of articles will be published.Three to five people visit the group as a group, and introduce the visit destination from each point of view in a compound view.We also select candidates for visit, consult on the planning of article content, and coordinate visitors.

Tour Planning

We develop and plan tours for itinerary/itetenary readers and those interested in other set themes, and create tours with partner travel agencies.

Events and Workshops

We will take on the planning and operation of talk shows, exhibitions and other events, and workshops tailored to special pages and other themes of your choice.