Travel guest houses

Travel guest houses

The reason we’re attracted to guesthouses is not just the low cost and the fashion of the building.

From a journey that traces a fixed itinerary to discovering, meeting, and enjoying unexpected stops.From the inn you choose by price and specs, to the inn you choose with excitement to meet the people and culture of “if it’s the place”.

It is the entrance of a rich journey, a hub that connects people, land and people, and is also a connoisseur of the land.The essence of this might be made into a form even when away from the building.

We who participated in the lecture “Let’s make the guest house” of Free University thought about such a thing.

On June 11, Omotesando, Tokyo.We do a little “experiment” to open the guest house “like” space that we think about for a one-day only.
Relax ing sofas and hammocks.
Pleasant music.
Delicious food and alcohol.
the person who visited there.
The land of Omotesando that seems to know and does not know.
Colorful learning at the Free University.

I hope that sessions between the unknown swell new exchanges and unexpected discoveries.